The Vibe Behind The Brand

Mellow Audio was created in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada with the sole purpose fueled by passion to make available the most accurate hand-built sounding recreations of classic and iconic studio grade microphones at a fraction of the cost compared to professional microphones of today.

The owner, Mark has been interested in electronics and music since he was a little boy in the 70's opening up anything electronic and tinkering away.  Mark has been involved in the music scene since the late 1980's being involved in various musical settings.  For over 30 years, he has been involved in the evolution of music and has developed a true gift for the art of sound and is considered by all who meet him a diehard audiophile and music lover!

The team here at Mellow Audio started back in 2016 researching and getting educated on studio grade condenser microphones circuitry and component interaction.  Mellow Audio wanted to not only recreate legendary microphones of the golden years of music but wanted to improve the microphones performance by means of a carefully designed and laid out circuit board which holds the highest quality components yielding a virtually noise free audio path all while retaining the warmth and depth legendary microphones gave! 


We don't copy the classics; we make them better!  That is the Vibe here at Mellow Audio.


100% satisfaction guarantee - Don't love it, we'll refund you!

Being the gear loving audiophiles we are here at Mellow Audio, we are so confident that you will love your new Mellow Audio product that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our products.

Also, we offer the best warranty in the business!  All Mellow Audio products have a 3-year limited warranty.