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Mellow Audio Engineering

ME-87i Condenser Microphone

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The Mellow Audio ME-87i is an enhanced reproduction of a 1979 (rev16) vintage Neumann u87i condenser microphone, considered by most audio engineers as the holy grail of all the u87's ever made.

The BEST reproduction of the finest sounding u87i condenser microphone

Mellow Audio has recreated and improved the distinctive and beautiful character of the 1979 (rev16) Neumann u87i microphone to the very last detail.  Experience the absolute best with our ME-87i condenser microphone!

Shipping & Returns

This product offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Once the 30 day are expired, the product can not be returned.

Microphone Dimensions

8.5" high x 2" wide or 21.59cm high x 5.08cm wide

Care Instructions

Never use chemicals to wipe down the microphone shell. A simple lightly damp cloth will do.

Always store microphone in provided box or zippered case (this can vary from lot to lot.

It is a good idea to use a pop filter to provide hygienic longevity to the capsule inside the basket.

Never open the microphone and touch the electronic components. This is only something a certified Mellow Audio technician must do!

Technical Specs

100% true to the original revision 16 (1979) electronic schematic 
K87 premium capsule with 6 micron mylar membrane just like the original
An American made ultra-low noise Transistor which is far superior to the original Fairchild 3819 
The ME-87i is equipped with the legendary AMI T-13 transformer
Military Spec electronic components and PTFE shielded wire
Professional pcb layout design approved by a professional electrical engineer
Omnidirectional, cardioid and figure 8
20Hz - 20kHz frequency response
Professionally hand built and tested in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
1 year limited warranty

100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t think your ME-87i is the best reproduction of the vintage u87i, we’ll refund you

If you’ve had the pleasure of using an original vintage u87i before, we know you going to dig the ME-87i as it will make your jaw drop every time you use it. 

But hey, if you’ve never used the original before, the vibe loving gearheads here at Mellow Audio challenge you to try our ME-87i condenser microphone for 30 days risk free!  With our 30 day money back guarantee, you can put the microphone through its paces and see how it impacts your recordings.  If you dig the ME-87i's vibe (we are pretty sure you will) hang on to it and keep having your jaw dropped.  If you wanna send it back, no hard feelings.

SOUND CLIPS (download file by clicking on three dots)

The first clip is an AB test of the ME-87i against a u67 tube. The instrument used is a 1965 epitone guitar with both microphones running into a neve1073 preamp. The results were amazing!
Mellow Audio ME-87i WAV
u67 tube WAV
The following AB clips are of a singer doing dry vocals into the ME-87i and the u67 tube, both going into a neve1073 preamp.
ME-87i Amos Vocal 01 WAV
u67 tube Amos Vocal 01 WAV
The following AB clips are of a singer doing dry vocals into the ME-87i and u67 tube, both going into a neve1073 preamp
ME-87i Amos Vocal WAV
u67 tube Amos Vocal WAV
The following is a singers dry vocal and processed track by an audio engineer at a professional recording studio.
ME-87i Noel Vocal WAV
ME-87i Noel Processed Vocal WAV